Help searching the collection database

Searching by free text

Single words

Any word you enter will retrieve every record that has this word in it.


Lion will also retrieve results for lions

Adding punctuation

You can enter one or more words as well as punctuation. For example:

  • British watercolour will find all records containing both 'British' and 'watercolour', or watercolours 
  • British OR watercolour will find records containing either word (OR must be upper-case)
  • "St Peter" will find records containing that exact phrase
  • wood* will perform a wild card search and find records containing wood, woods, wooden, woodwork, woodcock and so on.

Searching specific fields

If you check xxxx, your results will come from just that field

Search by date

You can search by date range. Or combine a date range with the free text search.

For more focussed and accurate results, use the Advanced search.