Excavations in the temple of Ramses II at Kom Firin (2003)

Kom Firin, an extensive archaeological mound located near the western edge of the Nile Delta in Egypt, dates back to the Ramesside Period (thirteenth-eleventh century BC), when a small mudbrick and limestone temple was built and decorated in the reign of Ramses II. The site flourished for nearly two thousand years with at least two major temple enclosures constructed in the latter part of the first millennium BC.

This area has never been the subject of intensive archaeological investigation before and the project has used a combination of geophysical survey and excavation to research aspects of the site’s history. The project aims, through excavation and non-destructive survey, to obtain evidence for the nature of urban settlement in the Western Delta; to seek material to help assess whether proximity to the Greek trading emporium of Naukratis led to an increased exposure to imported goods in comparison to contemporary sites further south, and to disseminate information through academic publications, and resources (video, images, text) on the ancient site, and modern village, for use in cross-curricular teaching initiatives.

Summaries of the work undertaken during each season:
Reports submitted to the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities

See a 360 degee panorama of Kom Firin in Google Earth, created by Stefan Geens: www.ogleearth.com/2007/11/the_kom_firin_d.html


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