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Harvard-style references, mainly placed in the footnotes but occasionally used in the main text, are explained in the general bibliography. In addition the following abbreviations are commonly used in the text.

Major publications

CCM  Myres J. and Ohnefalsch-Richter M. 1899, Catalogue of the Cyprus Museum   (Oxford) [= Myres and Ohnefalsch-Richter 1899]

Excavations Murray A.S. et al 1900, Excavations in Cyprus. Bequest of Miss E.T. Turner   (London) [= Murray et al. 1900].

Lamp  Bailey D. 1975–1996, A catalogue of the lamps in the British Museum.    Volumes I–IV (London)

SCE  Swedish Cyprus Expedition

CVA  Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum


CA   Cypro-Archaic
CC   Cypro-Classical
CG   Cypro-Geometric
EBA   Early Bronze Age
EC   Early Cypriot
Hell.  Hellenistic
IA   Iron Age
LBA   Late Bronze Age
LC   Late Cypriot
LH    Late Helladic
MBA   Middle Bronze Age
MC  Middle Cypriot
PPNB   Pre-Pottery Neolithic B

Ceramic terms

BiCh   Bichrome
BoR    Black-on-Red
BR   Base Ring
BS   Black Slip
DP   Drab Polished
FS   Furumark Shape
Mono   Monochrome
Myc.    Mycenaean
PWW   Plain White Wheelmade
RLW   Red Lustrous Wheelmade
RB   Red-on-Black
RP   Red Polished
RS   Red Slip
WP   White Painted
WPW    White Painted Wheelmade
WS   White Slip


BM   British Museum
CM   Cyprus Museum
UPenn   University of Pennsylvania Museum

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