Arab world art and design resources

Six schemes of work for creating classroom sessions

The activities outlined in these classroom sessions can either be used together to form a unit of work or as a series of discrete activities enabling themes to be explored in greater depth.

With particular reference to examples from the Arab world and Middle East, students can explore themes of buildings and decoration, maps and map-making, image and identity, photomontage, headgear, and words and images.

Each unit has a series of activities, downloadable resources for use in the classroom and useful websites to help your class get the most out of the session. For each theme there is a related case study, showing how a similar session worked as part of the Arab artists in schools project, which ran from 2005-2009.

Student's mosaic design


Art project by students from Turves Green school  

Image and identity

A Plashet student with her artwork  

Buildings & decoration

Habitation sketchbook


Student participating in headgear project  



Words and images

Art project by a student from Winchmore school  

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