John MacGinnis

Lead Archaeologist, Iraq Emergency Heritage Management Training Programme

Department: Middle East

John MacGinnis was appointed a Lead Archaeologist in the Iraq Emergency Heritage Management Training Programme in January 2016 for a period of four years. This role involves delivering a training programme for Iraqi archaeologists consisting of intensive training in the UK followed by on-site training in Iraq. His interests focus on research which integrates archaeology and epigraphy of the first millennium BC.

Current Projects

For the fieldwork component of this programme he will be directing excavations at Qalatga Darband, a site located on the edge of Lake Dokan in Iraqi Kurdistan. Excavations are scheduled to begin in September 2016.

Previous Activities

Archaeological Advisor to the High Commission for Erbil Citadel Revitalisation, responsible for formulating and initiating a programme of archaeological investigations on the citadel mound of Erbil. Field Director of the British contribution to the international team excavating at the site of Ziyaret Tepe in southeastern Turkey, the Neo-Assyrian provincial capital of Tušhan, within the framework of the Ziyaret Tepe Archaeological Project. Work at sites across the middle east including Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Sudan.

External Fellowships/Positions

Research Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Member of Council, British Institute for the Study of Iraq

Recent publications

J. MacGinnis, Erbil in the Cuneiform Sources (Oxbow, 2015)

J. MacGinnis, "Recent Texts from Ziyaret Tepe" State Archives of Assyria Bulletin 20 (2015) pp. 47-56

J. MacGinnis, "Kurdistan: A new dawn breaks for Near eastern archaeology" Current World Archaeology 67 (2014) pp. 30-33

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J. MacGinnis, Arrows of the Sun: Armed Forces of the Neo-Babylonian Ebabbara (ISLET, 2012)

J. MacGinnis, "Population and Identity in the Assyrian Empire: A Case Study" Pp. 131-153 in Ö. A. Cetrez, S. Donabed & A. Makko (edd.) The Assyrian Heritage. Threads of Continuity and Influence (Uppsala University Press, 2012)

J. MacGinnis, "Evidence for a Peripheral Language in a Neo-Assyrian tablet from the governor’s palace of Tušhan" (Journal of Near Eastern Studies 71 (2012) pp. 13-19