Sophie Louise Rowe

Conservator of Organic Artefacts

Department: Conservation and Scientific Research


+44 (0)20 7323 8252


Sophie Rowe is an organic artefact conservator specialising in the conservation of historic collections, with a particular focus on the material culture from Africa, Oceania and the Americas. She has specific interests in the conservation of featherwork, plant fibre, ivory and human remains.

She works to ensure the long term preservation of museum objects, making them suitable for display, loan, and study as required. This includes carrying out practical conservation treatments, as well as assessing object condition, advising on display and storage, project management and supervision of conservation interns.

Sophie trained at University College London gaining an MA and MSc in Conservation in 2015 and worked on projects in Kosovo and at National Museums Scotland before joining the Museum in 2016.

Current projects

Research and conservation of a Tahitian Mourners Costume collected by Captain Cook.

The conservation and research of Egyptian Pre-Dynastic human remains.

Previous projects

Treatment and re-housing of Oceanic spathe and bark paintings.

The conservation of plant fibre mats and garments from Africa and Oceania.

Conservation of American Northwest Coast material for 'Where the Thunderbird Lives: cultural resilience on the Northwest Cost of North America'.

Research and treatment of Shadow Puppets from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Treatment and storage of objects from the Africa, Oceania and Americas collections as part of the British Museum's WCEC Move Project.