Reports and publications

The following publications of current and former staff members, arranged in publication date order, are published by the British Museum Press. Only those from the past 10 years are shown. If you would like more information about other publications please contact us or try the reading list.

Books and catalogues

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Occasional papers & excavation reports

Gaimster, D. & Brisbane, M. (eds) 2002. Novgorod. The archaeology of a medieval Russian city and its hinterland.

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Other staff publications

Woodward, A & Hill, J D, eds. 2002. Prehistoric Britain: The Ceramic Basis. Oxford, Oxbow Monographs.

Hill. J D & Cumberpatch, C G (eds.) 1995. Different Iron Ages: Studies on the Iron Age in Temperate Europe. Oxford, British Archaeological Reports (International Series 602).

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