Coins and Medals Staff

  • Richard Abdy 
    Curator of Roman and Iron Age coins
  • Philip Attwood 
    Keeper, Head of Department, Curator of Commemorative and Art Medals
  • Dario Calomino 
    Project curator: Roman Provincial Coins
  • Barrie Cook 
    Curator of Medieval and Early Modern coinage, Coinage of Medieval and Early Modern Britain and Europe
  • Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis 
    Curator of Middle Eastern Coins, Parthian and Sasanian Coins, coins of the Islamic world from AD 650 to the present
  • Amelia Dowler 
    Curator of Greek coins, Greek Coins and Roman provincial coins
  • Henry Flynn
    Project curator: Money and Medals Network (part-time)
  • Eleanor Ghey 
    Curator: Iron Age and Roman Coin Hoards
  • Thomas Hockenhull 
    Curator: Modern Money
  • Janet Larkin 
    Manager of the Enlightenment gallery, Curator of Room 2: Collecting the World
  • Elizabeth J Pendleton 
    Project Curator: Parthian and Sasanian coins (part time), Parthian and Sasanian Coins
  • Helen Wang 
    Curator of East Asian money, Coins and banknotes of East Asia, seventh century BC to the present
  • Gareth Williams 
    Curator of Early Medieval coinage and Viking collections, Coinage of Early Medieval Britain and Europe; Viking artefacts

The work of the department is supported by a team of Museum Assistants and administrative staff.