Collection and research departments

Ife head

Africa, Oceania and the Americas 

A collection representing the cultures of indigenous peoples throughout the world.

Faience wedjat eye (EA 26300)

Egypt and Sudan 

Representing the cultures of the Nile Valley, from 10,000 BC to the twelfth century AD.

Gilt-bronze figure of Shakyamuni


Objects from the whole continent: East Asia, South and Central Asia and South-East Asia.

Gold mancus of Coenwulf, Kingdom of Mercia, England, AD 796-821

Coins and Medals 

Home to one of the world's finest numismatic collections with over one million objects.

Conservator working on an Iron Age cauldron

Conservation and Scientific Research 

Preserving and investigating the collection for present and future generations.

Black-figured amphora (wine-jar)

Greece and Rome 

One of the most comprehensive collections of objects from the Classical world.

Oxus chariot model

Middle East 

Ancient and contemporary civilisations and cultures of the Middle East.

The Ringlemere gold cup

Portable Antiquities Scheme 

Co-ordinates the Portable Antiquities Scheme and administers the Treasure Act.

Sutton Hoo ship-burial helmet

Britain, Europe and Prehistory 

From the earliest human tools in Africa and Asia to the art and archaeology of Europe up to the present day.

Self-portrait by Rembrandt

Prints and Drawings 

The national collection of more than a million Western prints and drawings.